02 September 2007

CSBoard resurected

Now will you look at this. Just as I was doing some random surfing - looking at other chess clients to "inspire" from - I reached CSBoard at GnomeFiles. The page wasn't updated since 2006, as well as all the other "search:chess" applications on GnomeFiles, so I just thought I'd have a look at the old chess client that inspired me in the first days of PyChess.

Well, when I clicked the screenshots link, instead of getting to some old image, I was sent to the CSBoard homepage in the screencasts section, and I must say I was extraordinary surprised. The client I thought of as old, simple and dead had suddenly got its gui multiplied by 10 and support for ICS, Chess Databases, More engines and you name it.

So definitely something to try out. Tomorrow at least. It looks like they have a pretty good grab on ICS gui.

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